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Maratonci trce pocasni krug / Почетната обиколка на маратонците (1982)

КП 9.00
IMDB 9.00
Резюме : The story takes place between wars in the year 1935, and focuses on the Topalovic family, whose members include five generations of men who constantly bicker. Most of the family's arguments arise from the youngest son, Mirko (Bogdan Diklic), not wanting to join the family business (coffin-making). He believes there must be a better job for him. Topalovic's are family of undertakers who run their business with only several coffins. Because of that, they dig their customers out of the grave to steal the coffin back. They hired Billy Phython to help him with his men in this labor. One day, the oldest Topalovic dies and leaves family inheritance to himself because he doesn't thrust his children. Topalovics leave business with Billy Python and he threatens to tell them to the police because they killed an old man in a car accident. Mirko is in love with his girlfriend Kristina (Billy's daughter) who wishes to become an actress in Djenka's (Mirko's best friend)movies. Mirko wants to leave the business to be with her. However, Kristina cheats on Mirko with Djenka, so he outraged kills her. He returns to his family who now praise him and accept him as their leader. Djenka was burned while repairing crematorium (Maximilian the nearly deaf,mute and senile member of family pushed the lever instead of giving him pliers) The movie ends with showdown between Topalovics and Billy Python.
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Maratonci trce pocasni krug / Почетната обиколка на маратонците (1982)
Слободан Шиян
В ролите:
Богдан Диклич, Данило "Бата" Стойкович, Павле Вуисич, Мия Алексич, Сека Саблич, Бора Тодорович и др.
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Време траене:
92 минути
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