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Shaolin Master Killer (1978)

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36th Chamber of shoalin

As a lifelong devoted fan of chop socky I still did not see this film until last year because it was impossible in the U.S.(at least it seemed to me) to get a orginal language 36th Chamber of shoalin. Knowing that any video that said Shoalin Master killer or just Master killer would be a English dubbed atrocity I decided to wait.

Perhaps the best geek news of 2003 for me however was Celestial pictures releasing region 3 versions of old Shaw bros classics. Original language, subtitled well, subtitled bonus features, Dolby surround, Beautifully re-mastered and packaged. Director Liu Chia liang's masterpiece the 36th chamber was my first purchase in the series. The new re-issues have some of his other classics like executioners from shoalin(which Kill Bill 2 paid direct tribute to),8 diagram pole fighter and soon Legendary weapons of China.

36th chamber tells a fictionalized tale of the shoalin monk who broke rank with his temple and taught Kung Fu to the people. While the true story probably did not have the elements of revenge that make the story of the film that hardly manners this is a movie not a history class. It is a lesson the non-violent resistors of the world need to here again and again. When Gordon Liu and his fellow students ask them selves how can they defeat their violent enemy words of logic.

They decide that if they are going to effectively fight back what they learn at the university is not enough. So they travel to the shoalin temple. At the shoalin temple they are masters of martial arts but they stay out of worldly affairs. The 35th chamber of shoalin is the highest level and it is not a measure of strength of combat ability. It is enlightenment, mastery of oneself.

So this epic film, a 2 hour chop socky flick that's story takes place over 10 years, has a interesting plot. Can this man driven by anger complete training in Buddhist temple where his motivations are against the very basics of there teachings. It is impossible to imagine Hollywood making movie that includes forty minutes of Buddhist philosophy, training and no love story. Well lets face it I not sure a woman is in this movie at all.

The martial arts in this film are amazing and every bit as impressive as stuff done today. The training parts while probably not realistic are entertaining and don't bore. The acting is all well done. The direction is steady, the story well told.

For fans of this film note that the director, star and studio teamed up last year to make a film called drunken monkey. Shaw bros big return to Kung Fu movies has been well received. It's next on my list, to rent.
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Shaolin Master Killer (1978)
Hong Kong
Chia-Liang Liu
В ролите:
Chia Hui Liu - San Te Yu Wang Lieh Lo - General Tien Chia Yung Liu - General Yin Norman Chu - Liu Tsai Yang Yu John Cheung Wilson Tong Hang-Sheng Wu
БГ Аудио:
Време траене:
115 мин.

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